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Jim "Seahorse" Logsdon 
A retired Naval veteran, with 21 years of experience in marine safety and damage control, Jim retired at the rank of Damage Control Chief Petty Officer.
Experienced in all types of installed firefighting systems and extinguishers.

As a Naval firefighter, he trained various fire teams on marine firefighting efforts, along with hull damage and repair. 

Since retiring he has stayed in the marine safety industry providing service for various ships, yachts, and research vessels.
About Seahorse Marine Training
Seahorse Marine Training believes in the concept of safety through knowledge. This knowledge is gained from inspection, training, drills, and maintenance.  We are not a commercial fire extinguishing company, strictly marine-based safety!!  Our goal is "Keeping You Safe On The Water."  We work under a strict code of ethics shared by the U.S. Navy: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  We bring the best value and service to your vessel and needs.   

Seahorse Marine Training is owned and operated right here in Savannah, GA. Other companies may offer similar services, but we are committed to offering service with a personal touch. You will walk away a Raving Fan!  Let us prove it to you today. 
Interested in learning more?
Seahorse Marine Training LLC - "Keeping You Safe On The Water" - (912) 257-5152
- Advance Fire Technology
- Shipboard First Aid and Safety
- Damage Control Training Team
- Foam Generating Systems Operation and Maintenance
- Air Capable Ship Helicopter Firefighter
- Portable and Fixed Extinguishing Systems
- Hull Damage Specialist: Shoring/Pipe Patching/Hull Structure
- National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors: Pre Engineered Industrial Systems
- National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors: Pre Engineered Kitchen Systems
- National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors: Portable Fire Extinguishers
- Watertight Closures Inspections, Maintenance and Repair
- Shipboard Chemical/Biological/Radiological Defense Operations and Training Specialist
- Basic Shipboard Damage Control Wet Trainer
- Shipboard Firefighter
- Advance Shipboard Firefighter
- Firefighting Strategy
- Ship Stability
- Fire Science
- Fire Protection Systems
- Industrial Training
- Management Practicum
- Blue Print Reading
- Record Keeping
- Journeyman Firefighter
Jim is Certified and holds vast experience in the following areas: